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I'm Hazel

Hi, I’m Hazel Hayden. I am a British Menopause Society Registered Specialist and I train other Healthcare professionals in menopause for the British Menopause Society. I spent 40 years in the NHS as a Nurse practitioner and prescriber, specialising in Women’s Health since 2006.


I have been successfully supporting and treating menopausal women with all types of symptoms throughout this time. In 2019 I set up a private menopause clinic in Bristol and developed a range of multivitamins specifically for menopausal women.


Having struggled and gone through the menopause myself, I researched different supplements and vitamins to try and discover what can help support the body. 


I believed in developing something that was safe to take for all women and that the body can process properly, as there are many supplements on the market that are advertised as being “super” or “extra special” that contain such a large dose of the vitamins or minerals that they can actually cause side-effects as a result! The whole purpose of my products is to ease side-effects, not to create more.


Therefore, I designed natural supplements with the recommended daily amount (RDA%) that the body could cope with, without causing any unwanted side-effects yet helping reduce symptoms of the menopause. They also work alongside HRT if needed to make that journey much more comfortable.


My aim is to help support women's health and wellbeing during all stages of the menopause and provide suitable supplements for every step of the way.

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